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WGST and the AJC interviewed Mary Thompson regarding the Drought
October 9th, 2008 4:11 PM

You may have heard WGST AM radio yesterday 10/8/08 and seen the AJC article about Lake Lanier Drought. While there are some grim facts about this lake and values CURRENTLY, during these interviews I did also state there is alot to be hopeful about and the future of Lake Lanier is all BUT dim.

Of course since news likes to be NEGATIVE all the time and sensational, none of the positive outlooks that I discussed with these news folks was broadcast or published. The news is part and parcel of the problems.

The good new is I called WGST on the carpet about this negative reporting, when I told them they must report all of what I say not some of it and they are going to do a follow up interview with me in the coming week or so and report some of the other things I talked to them about...namely:

Once water returns and it will....Please see my previous post about Lake Lanier Levels going all the way back to the early 1980's. The water has always returned. Once the 160 boat dock permits that are left are issued, once the election is behind us, the bail out shakes out and the stock market returns to some sort of normalcy, we WILL see increases in Lake Lanier values. We just have so many things working against us right now, that is is no wonder things are looking reality it should look alot worse, but lake values have a way of hanging on tight!

So look for that more positive report on WGST as it relates to Lake Lanier Values, what positive things have come of this drought and how many businesses are working together more than ever to keep their heads above water and stay in business on this lake.

If you are a homeowner on the Lake, hang tight, things will get better and your equity will return and continue to grow....of this I am certain!

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