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Do you really know how large your home is? Let us help! It could impact the value of your home.

Did you know that most courthouse records are inaccurate when it comes to the square footage of your home. Square footage is the LEADING influence on your home's value. We offer quick and reasonably priced measurement services of your home. Who better to do this than an Appraiser? We measure homes every single day and Realtors can legally quote square footage if an Appraiser Sketch is in hand. So let the professionals provide you with an accurate measurement of your home. Each level will be measured by a very precise DISTO laser measurement tool and APEX sketch plan software to produce the end product.

Below are some samples of a floor plan sketch. A separate page will be included showing all dimension calculations. We can handle floor plan sketches from the very basic to very complex properties and include other items in the sketch such as plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. Cost will vary depending upon how detailed you want your floor plan.

**CONSIDER THIS: When you list your home and get a buyer, when the Bank Appraiser comes calling you can provide this sketch to them when they arrive. You can even email them the .pdf of the sketch that we provide to you! Trust me when I tell you that Appraiser will be VERY Happy to have this sketch in hand. Why? Because you just saved them valuable time in remeasuring your home. A Happy Appraiser is an OPEN Minded one!

FEES START AS LOW AS $100.00!  Significant return on this investment if your home is larger than you think or what courthouse records show. You also do NOT want to advertise your home as larger than it really is. Either way it is a great investment as a Seller to have a sketch of your home. CHECK OUR FEES PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS

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What are measurement services?

A measurement service is just what it sounds like: An Appraiser will measure the house's dimensions and square footage, then draw a detailed floorplan. The Appraiser's report and floorplan is a legal document that can be used to prove accurate Gross Living Area/Square Footage. REALTORS cannot quote square footage unless they have a source such as an Appraisal or Sketch by an Appraiser. The Sketch of your home is also helpful and sometimes necessary when disputing property taxes.

How does a home measurement or floorplan service work?

During a measurement or floorplan service, a Certified Appraiser takes measurements of the property with a measuring tool, we use a very accurate Disto laser measuring device. As they move around the house, they make note of the layout of the rooms and other features, like stairs, entryways, and fireplaces. They sketch out the property while there. Then, the Appraiser using a Sketching Software program, will draw the sketch showing which will show the dimensions of the outside walls and the overall layout of the house. The finished product is a legal document that can be used to prove certain details about your property — like the Gross Living Area (GLA) — on tax documentation, property listings, and more.

When are floorplan services needed?

Disputing property taxes

Property tax records often reflect the wrong area of a property because the values can come from many sources, and sometimes go unproven — meaning you may be taxed for more square footage than you have! Unless a 
Certified Appraiser has completed a recent evaluation or home measurement service on your property (after any updating that may have affected square footage), you'll need an Appraiser to perform a measurement service before disputing your taxes. An Appraiser determines the accurate Gross Living Area (GLA) of your property so your taxes reflect the actual square footage — and you can stop paying more than your property is worth.

Putting your property on the market

A home measurement service can ensure that you're paid a fair price for your property. Living space is one of the most significant elements potential buyers consider when purchasing a home — but since these values are frequently approximated rather than properly measured, your home listing might show less Gross Living Area (GLA) than it actually has. An inaccurate GLA could potentially decrease the price of the property as well as the number of potential buyers. The only guaranteed method of using an accurate GLA when listing your property is to refer to a previous appraisal or measurement service completed by an Appraiser (after any remodeling that may have affected square footage).

Information for Real Estate professionals

To ensure that your client's property sells at a price that appropriately reflects market value, we advise requesting a home measurement of the property. Clients, and especially potential buyers, will appreciate your thoroughness, and you can rest assured knowing the GLA on your client's listing is truly representative of their home. A floorplan can also be an excellent marketing tool for enticing potential buyers since they can see the layout and details of the house before and after touring. Contact Lanier Appraisal Service to find out more about our floorplan services.